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Looking for a Vivid or Vintage Look?

Sublimate a vibrant design onto our 100% Polyester fabric or
achive a vintage look with our 65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend in your sublimation process.

Why The Laughing Giraffe®?

We are home to the best baby blanks apparel in California. The Laughing Giraffe® is a leader in sublimation clothing blanks wholesale for the baby & toddler clothing industry for the past 19-years. We are proud to provide our customers with fashionable, boutique-style blank clothes for infant, baby & toddlers at affordable prices.

Our blanks are ideal for dye sublimation, heat transfer printing, and screen printing for the personalization industry.

As a US-based company, all of our blanks are stored and shipped from our warehouse located in Santa Ana, CA offering fast shipping Monday - Friday.

  • US-based Company
  • Ultra-Soft Material
  • CPSIA Compliant
  • Fast Shipping

Why Choose The Laughing Giraffe?

Don't See What You Are Looking For?

If you require a specific baby or kids clothing blank for sublimation printing,
we will be more than happy to help. Give us a call at 888-529-3883 or send us an email here.

What is dye sublimation?


The process of changing from a solid to a gas, or from a gas to a solid, without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. Dye sublimation is a unique printing process made especially for garments with polyester or polyester blend fabrics. In this printing process, the dye transitions between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid state, and attaches only onto the polyester threads.

Note: 100% polyester fabric (recommended for brightest colors). Blend of 65% polyester, 35% cotton fabric (recommended for vintage look) for dye sublimation printing.

Common Sublimation Printing Issues & Tips
Working with a heat press takes some skill and time to perfect. Practicing is a good investment to ensure you do sublimation printing correctly.

1. Why are there blue thread/lint?
This is a common issue with finished garments being sublimated. The garment itself had lint before the press thus leaving a blue mark. Sublimation is very sensitive when pressing you must make sure the garment is clean and also that the sublimation paper has no residue or lint. When you press polyester it will pick up any residue on the heat press. If the blue spots look like tiny little fibers it's probably lint. Lint rollers and shaking out each garment vigorously before pressing help a lot. Some people use disposable butcher/parchment paper sheets instead of Teflon sheets to avoid lint building up on the Teflon.

2. Why Are There Brown Marks?
Too much heat and shorter curing time

3) Why is the Collar so Flat?
Too much pressure. It's unnecessary to heat press the collar in this case

Heat Press Errors

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