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Wholesaler Baby clothing  Apparel free freight

USA DropShipping  of Baby & Toddlers  Blank Clothing plus Screen Printing

USA Dropshippers of Baby Onesies, Gowns, Bibs, T-Shirts, Beanies, Blankets and more.


Drop Shipping at The Laughing Giraffe

Most Companies are selling Online today, whether it's Drop Shipping Program Amazon FBA, Drop Shipping Program Amazon FBA            or your own website.
Drop Shipping is a great opportunity for startups and established sites in the industry.
At The Laughing Giraffe, we give our customers the opportunity to dropship our goods and expand their online catalog, without having the hassle of buying stock upfront / working with a Screen Printer and holding on to unsold inventory.

Designer Range of Baby & Toddler Blanks Apparel.The Laughing Giraffe is the USA distributor of Kidsblanks by Zoe
is the company of choice for people who are serious about Baby & Toddler Clothing Blanks
Kidsblanks by Zoe

Kidsblanks by Zoe offer more styles, colorsand fabrics than any other Wholesaler.

Kidsblanks by Zoe:


  • Is an A1- Blanks Supplier who are almost always in stock!

  • Is an A1 - Quality Screen Printer with LOW MINIMUMS (48 pieces per design)

  • Is able to Package Single Items for Amazon Prine (with your UPC Codes)

Why Drop Ship:

  • Wholesale Pricing - Get the benefit of bulk purchasing without the overhead and inventory costs. Your pricing (unless you order more) will always be those in our 144-431 pricing column regardless of the quantity you purchase. No Minimum Order Quantity (NO MOQ)

  • Turn-Key Solution - If you already have a website, all you need to do is add our products using the Product Data feed and Images we provide, then place the order directly from our website.

  • No Cash Flow Hassles - Order from us after your customers have ordered from you.

How our dropshipping program works | The Laughing Giraffe

How Does It Work?
With our FREE drop-shipping program you will be able to add any of our The Laughing Giraffe Range of products to your website. After a customer places an order with you, simply order that product from us (making a note that you are a preferential Drop-Ship Customer) and we will ship the item on your behalf directly to your customer. Only a packing list will be included in the package.


DropShipping Procedure - The Laughing Giraffe

Drop Shipping Program Amazon FBA

For an additional charge of 30 cents, by using your own UPC Code adhered to the Plastic Bag. Your product will be individually packed in. Just send us your UPC Code by email and we will do the rest!

  • Blanks: Place your order online (making a note that you are a Preferred Drop-Ship Customer) and we will ship your order to the stated Ship to address.

  • Custom Screen Printed Items: Please email your order to with your .AI artwork. However, should you prefer to place your order with a consultant please call 888-529-3883 Ext. 300. Once your virtual is approved and the printing is complete we will ship complete with bag and UPC Code in a bag to Drop Shipping Program Amazon FBA

How Do I Get Started?

Follow these simple steps to get started in our Drop-Shipping Program:

  1.  Set up a free account by clicking here and describe your company type as "Drop-Shipper"

  2.  Complete our Laughing Giraffe Drop-ship Application Form here and leave this COMMENT (I am a preferential Drop-Ship Customer). WITHOUT this note YOUR application could be declined!!!

  3. Once approved, you'll receive a Welcome email with login and password information

  4. To obtain our Product Data Feed and Images please send a request email here

For Questions / Customer Service
Please call 888-529-3883 / 714-966-2396
Time of Operation: 8:30am- 5:00pm (PCT) M-F and not Public Holidays

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