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Screen Printing Services

The Laughing Giraffe is A ONE STOP SHOP offering Wholesale quality baby & toddler blank clothing PLUS Screen Printing with low minimums and a quick turnaround.

Free quote for screen printing services

The artwork should be vector artwork, created in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or lower, Corel Draw or Macromedia Freehand, then saved as an .AI file. Artwork must be emailed to your sales consultant Artwork created by our design team is available @ $60 per hour (first ½ hour is FREE). However supplying completed artwork in the accepted formatted will not incur any costs.


Quantity (Pc.) 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 4 Color Process
48-71 $1.66 $2.29 $2.90 $3.53 $4.14 $4.15
72-143 $1.55 $2.07 $2.59 $3.11 $3.62 $3.60
144-299 $1.24 $1.46 $1.66 $1.87 $2.07 $2.05
300-599 $1.04 $1.13 $1.24 $1.35 $1.46 $1.45
600-1199 $0.83 $0.94 $1.04 $1.12 $1.21 $1.20
1200-2999 $0.72 $0.81 $0.88 $0.97 $1.06 $0.95
3000-5999 $0.63 $0.70 $0.79 $0.85 $0.92 $0.85
6000-11999 $0.56 $0.63 $0.68 $0.72 $0.79 $0.70
12000+ $0.52 $0.58 $0.63 $0.68 $0.72 $0.65


A.  Flash on ALL Colored garments darker than Pastels or Heather (This is required to ensure the garment color does not appear through the print)
       0-144 pieces : $0.45    144-1199 pieces : $0.35    1200+ pieces : $0.20
B.  Beanie Hats: $0.35 (additional charge due to prep work + smaller printing area on beanie)
C.  Setup/Screen Charge $45 per color - Will be kept on file for a MAXIMUM of 6 months.
D.  Color Change  $25.00 per Color Change .  When same design is used for different color inks.

- Crytalina / Shimmer:  $0.90
- Metallic Gold / Silver:  $0.35
- Glow in the Dark:  $0.90

Please note: Should you require more than a 1 color print on a Bib  then a 1 Ply Bib is required

Please CLICK HERE for our relabeling choices
If you have the quantities (3000 pieces +)  and 6-8 weeks  available for delivery,   Please email our Production Manager (at EXT 303)  for more information on how your costs may be reduced. Click to Email.


Should you require a quicker turnaround (less than 5 days) an additional fee of $65.00 can be applied.
Click here to contact us about your Silk Screen Printing needs!


Customer/Purchaser assumes full responsibility for compliance with all laws concerning labeling, packaging, trade marking, copyrights, and licensing agreements. The Customer/Purchaser further holds The Laughing Giraffe® and its agents harmless of any and all claims costs & expenses concerning labeling, packaging, trade marking, copyrights, and licensing agreements. Customer/Purchaser assumes full liability for accuracy of imprint once the proof/virtual is approved.

Garment Colors
Your color options when silk screen printing are unlimited. We will work with you personally to assure that all of your children's blanks receive your design to your satisfaction. For greater accuracy it is important to state the required Pantone Colors. As the print may be on a colored garment the pantone color used may appear to be slightly different than that approved.

to silk screening is that you can print larger quantities of wholesale baby clothes at relatively less cost than other types of printing. It is not ideal for smaller quantities because this is not as cost effective; however, once we have made a silk screening negative for the blank kids clothes of your choice, the set-up cost is free the next time you print with us!

Bibs Lap Tees Dress
Onesies Beanie Hats

Camouflage Printing Tips 
The fabric of our camouflage garments is printed; therefore screen printers can have issues with ink migrating from the camouflage print to the screen print they place on the garment.
Dye migration can occur, as the heat during drying causes the camouflage printed dyes to revert back to a "liquid" state.

Try these tips below to improve results the next time you print on our camouflage t-shirts and fleece Hoodies & Sweatshirts.

  • Use an ink formulated for high bleed resistance like a poly white or ultra-white
  • Using polyester inks like One Stroke or Wilflex Epic inks will also help because they cure at a much lower temp. Also using a bleed resistant “under base gray” will help neutralize the color of the migrating dye.
  • Use a 140 or lower mesh count
  • Print
  • Flash
  • Print
  • Cure no higher than 300 - 320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cure for a minimum of 1 to 1 1/2 minutes
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